A series of artworks created between 2017 & 2019 documenting my obsession with transport, machinery, vehicles and engineering. Documented in the form of cryptic diagrams, nonsensical cutaways inspired by engineering illustrations and frenzied murals. The works in Wot Vargen demonstrate an anarchic embrace of imperfection and a sense of creative and technical nonchalance.

My obsession with vehicles started in Berlin and grew whilst I was travelling in a campervan in Europe.  When I visited Mexico I was in heaven surrounded by enormous trucks glinting in the central American sunshine.  I painted a lot of walls and was constantly asked the question, “Why trucks?”.   

Why not trucks? Everything in your life was probably brought to you on a truck. They are everywhere all the time and a lot of people pay them zero attention. I produced four booklets to document this project.  At a certain point my attentions turned to other subject matter and it seems like Wot Vargen is a completed project. For now...

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